Friday, July 29 2016 12:40 EEST
WikiLeaks has published 29 voice mails stolen from the US Democratic Party
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WikiLeaks posted voice letters from the US National Committee of the Democratic Party

WikiLeaks has published 29 voice mails, stolen from the US National Committee of the Democratic Party, which include negative statements of unidentified members of the party, about Bernie Sanders and his influence in the party,

This is the second leak, organized by WikiLeaks. It coincides on the second day of the US National Democratic Congress. Hillary Clinton was officially approved as a candidate for US President.

In both cases, the content was obtained by a hacker attack.

Messages, containing the statements of party activists against Sanders, were included in the number of ordinary messages about upcoming events in the life of the Democratic Party.

For example, one of the parties opposed to Sanders and did not even want to the senator from Vermont to speak during the Democratic National Convention.

Talking about Sanders he expressed as follows: 'He is s not a democrat. Please stop this man right now.'

The other complains about the role assigned to the supporter of Sanders - Cornel West, who was highly critical of US President Barack Obama.

The release followed after WikiLeaks has published 19 thousand stolen emails the of the Democratic Party on their website last week.

Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook claimed that the leak of documents was made 'Russians in order to help Donald Trump.'

US intelligence agencies support the version that Russians are behind the hacking of Democrats' email. WikiLeaks founder denies Russian involvement in the leak.

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