Thursday, July 28 2016 19:10 EEST
A spate of deadly attacks across Europe over the past two years has left many citizens living in fear
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443 dead in 18 attacks across Europe in 2 years, according to the Daily Mail

Unian reports, referring to the Daily Mail:

'Four people were killed in a deadly attack in Brussels in 2014, a staggering 267 people were slain in atrocities across the continent in 2015, and so far, in 2016, 172 have died in terrifying attacks.

The map shows that Paris has been hit the hardest with 137 of the 155 people being killed on November 17, when ISIS carried out a series of coordinated attacks. Turkish capital Ankara, with 102 victims, ranks in second place, while the third place goes to Nice, France, where 84 people were killed recently.

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