Thursday, July 28 2016 15:30 EEST
Authorities of the occupied Crimea invited Donald Trump to visit peninsula
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'A picture paints a thousand words', so called Crimean First vice Prime Minister says

The so called authorities of the occupied Crimea invited candidate for the US Presidency Donald Trump to visit peninsula. As Ria Novosti reports, First Vice Prime Minister of the Crimea Mikhail Sheremet said this, according to

'A picture paints a thousand words. West hears lots of misrepresentation of the life here. We are happy to invite all our friends to relax and see how we live in peace, wellness and prosperity', Sheremet said.

At the same time Sheremet stressed that there is no need to treat Trump's speeches in earnest until he's only the candidate.

'We would like to hear the statements of President Trump. These all are only the election pledges, but we hope for sanity', he added.

As reported earlier by, Obama said it is possible that Russia was behind a major leak of Democratic party e-mails.

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