Wednesday, July 27 2016 13:00 EEST
MFA: Russia Deliberately Further Escalates Situation in Donbass
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The security situation in the antiterrorist operation area is sharply deteriorating.

MFA of Ukraine shared on Facebook

'on 22-24 July combined Russian-terrorist forces shelled Ukrainian military 189 times. In particular, Ukrainian servicemen and civilian infrastructure, including residential houses, were shelled 89 times from 122 mm caliber guns, 30 times from 120mm caliber mortars and 50 times from 82mm caliber mortars.

Moreover, according to Ukrainian intelligence on 15-21 July Russian troops and militants shelled Ukrainian servicemen 474 times. Russia and its proxies keep using heavy weapons which should have been withdrawn under the Minsk agreements. 

Sharp escalation of the security situation takes place along with ongoing massive supply by the Russian Federation of military equipment, weapons and ammunition as well as mercenaries and regular troops to the combined Russian-terrorist forces in Donbas.

In July 19 trains loaded with military hardware have crossed the uncontrolled section of the Ukraine-Russia border. Among the other, Russia sent 19 'T-72' tanks, 3 MLRS 'Grad', 2 self-propelled artillery systems, 11 armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles. Moreover, Russia also sent nearly 6600 tons of fuel, 560 tons of ammunition, 44 trucks with ammunitions, 34 tank lorries and 77 vehicles to Donbas.

‪‎Russia‬ has intensified the use of UAVs for completing reconnaissance tasks in the Ukrainian airspace, particularly for guiding the artillery shelling of Ukrainian positions.

Russian-terrorist forces regularly impede the OSCE SMM access and monitoring in the areas that are currently not controlled by Ukraine, including the uncontrolled section of the Ukrainian-Russian border.

Ukraine further strictly adheres to its commitments under the Minsk agreements and will continue to do its utmost to stop killings in Donbas and to restore peaceful life, constitutional order, and respect for human rights in the temporarily occupied territories.

Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in its statement of 25.07.2016 demanded Russia, as a party to the Minsk Agreements, to immediately fulfill its obligations, to withdraw its troops, mercenaries and weapons from the territory of Donbas, to halt the illegal flow of arms and military equipment to militants as well as to unblock the work of the OSCE SMM.

‎Ukraine‬ appeals to the international community to step up political and diplomatic pressure on the Kremlin in order to stop the dangerous escalation of conflict in Donbas.

As reported earlier by, Russian troops continue to test modern weapons and military hardware in eastern Ukraine

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