Wednesday, July 27 2016 10:50 EEST
Hollande: 'War against terrorism is going to be a long-lasting one'
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Hollande opposes boosting of anti-terrorist law in France

Limiting nation’s freedoms will not make fighting terrorism more efficient, French leader says, reports.

Francois Hollande’s views on the issue remain unchanged, though the parliamentary opposition urged him to reinforce the legal frameworks in this area, after the most recent the attack on the church in Saint Etienne du Rouvray.

'Limiting nation’s freedoms will not make fighting terrorism more efficient,' the president said in his TV address to the nation.

The politician added that the current state of affairs and the acting legal frameworks 'create opportunities for taking action'. Thus, he declined the offer of his predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy and his party, who said it would be nice to 'significantly change’ the counter-terrorism strategy in the country.

The war on terrorism will keep on, Hollande stressed. 'And this war is going to be a long-lasting one. I urge my fellow French nation to hold on together. That’s the only way we’ll win in the war on hatred and fanaticism. I assure you all: we’ll triumph in this war', the Head of the French state said.

Holande added that the government already uses unprecedented mobilization in the police, the national gendarmerie and the army.

Due to terrorist threats, the French leader cancelled his visit to Prague which should have taken place on Wednesday.

As reported earlier by, France church attack: Two attackers killed a priest. 

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