Tuesday, July 26 2016 21:30 EEST
Group of Russian rowers are suspended from participation in the upcoming Olympics
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They failed at doping tests, International Canoe Federation reports

The respective article at the ICF website says that a group of Russian rowers are suspended from participation in the upcoming Olympics. The ban is imposed on the following athletes: Elena ANIUSHINA, Kayak Double (K2W) 500m; Natalia PODOLSKAIA, Kayak Single, (K1W) 200m; Alexander DYACHENKO, Kayak Double (K2M) 200m Men; Andrey KRAITOR, Canoe Single (C1M) 200m Men; Alexey KOROVASHKOV, Canoe Double (C2M) 1000m Men, RFE\RL reports. 

'This is a bitter blow for the Olympic movement and we are saddened that our sport is implicated. We have taken swift action and removed all offending athletes where doping evidence exists. The ICF will continue its strong zero-tolerance stance and remove all athletes that contravene its rules in anyway.' We are clear that if you step out-of-line you won't make the start line,' said Simon Toulson, ICF Secretary General.

Previously, it was reported that about 90 percent of Russia’s national team would be most likely banned from the Olympics, as the IOC says the athletes do not meet the selection criteria; the key point is abstaining from the use of doping. President of Russia’ Olympic Committee Alexandr Zhukov urged the international society not to believe this information.

On July 25, the International Swimming Federation suspended seven Russian swimmers from the upcoming competitions.

As reported earlier by 1492news.com, German News Agency Bild called the Head of the IOC Thomas Bach the 'Putin's Poodle'

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