Monday, July 25 2016 22:10 EEST
Russian troops continue to test modern weapons and military hardware in eastern Ukraine,- Turchynov
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They are testing new artillery shells banned by Minsk agreements, Secretary of Ukraine’s National Defense and Security Council says.

According to National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, The Russian General Staff continues to use the occupied territory of Donbass for testing new weapons during their bloody provocations. This was stated by NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov in his comment.

According to him, the Russian occupation troops in the east of Ukraine have not only increased the number and intensity of shellings with the use of heavy weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements, but also conduct systematic tests of new models of weapons and military equipment.

'In such a way, the use against our military of the new Russian mortar systems KM-8 'Gran' with controlled 120 mm mines and portable means of automated fire control 'Malachite' was recorded in July', - he said, adding that the systems are controlled solely by the regular servicemen of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation. According to him, the mortar system KM-8 'Gran' is designed to destroy and hit single and group targets, armored objects and fortifications from the first shots without additional fire adjustment.

'The system uses 120 mm controlled mine (1200 mm in length, 27 kg in weight) equipped with laser homing head', - Oleksandr Turchynov noted, explaining that the system of means of automated fire control 'Malachite' (equipped with a laser designation ranger and a thermal imaging sight) 'allows to conduct accurate fire in difficult conditions of dissected terrain'.

'The use by the Russian occupation troops of ammunition with enhanced combat qualities prohibited by international conventions was also recorded', - he said, adding that this refers to 122 mm howitzer shells ZSH2 'Lepestok-2' with arrow-shaped striking elements (personnel casualty zone is 500 meters) etc.

'All this occurs in the conditions of significant increase in the intensity of attacks in the midst of demonstrative violation of the Minsk agreements by the Russian military', - NSDC Secretary noticed, stressing that to give an adequate response to the enemy, 'we must provide our armed forces with equally effective and modern weapons and equipment'.

'At the same time, - Mr. Turchynov summarized, - the funding of the State defense order continues to be blocked due to the fact that Verhovna Rada still has not made a decision on filling of the special fund from with the SDO is financed and went on a vacation, leaving billions of Yanukovych's allies, arrested in Ukrainian banks, outside the budget!'. 

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