Monday, July 25 2016 16:00 EEST
Interior Minister Counselor: 'We’re considering the Russian trial version of Sheremet’s murder'
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Reporters of pro-Russian Channel 17, the first ones to reach the crime scene, are being interviewed, - Interior Minister Counselor reports: 'We’re considering the so-called geopolitical version, which means there could be a Russian trial. There’s a certain question: why the Channel 17 representatives were the first to reach the crime scene? Did they know anything in advance? Were they aware of what could happen? That surely can’t be left out of sight of investigators', Ivan Varchenko, Interior Minister Counselor said in the interview with Hromadske.TV.

The official confirmed the originality of the video footage recovered from surveillance cameras, which showed the moment of the bomb being set on the car’s undertray. ‘The video was published with the only goal – to help identify the criminals’, the Interior Minister Counselor said.

As reported earlier by, CCTV cameras have recorded the planting of a bomb in the car that journalist Pavlo Sheremet was driving - Media. 

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