Sunday, July 24 2016 14:08 EEST
Key version of the investigation of the journalist Pavel Sheremet murder is revenge for his professional activities,- Lutsenko
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On Monday Lutsenko intends to hear first data received from FBI experts, who are involved in investigation

Key version of Sheremet's murder - revenge for his professional activities ,- stated Ukrainian prosecutir general, reports.

'Now the investigation is considering all versions, but the key is considered the revenge related to his professional activity. Now we are conducting primary investigations, obtaining the testimony of those who lived in the area, interviewing witnesses, including the infamous Russian channel', - he said.

On Monday Lutsenko intends to hear the first data received from the American FBI experts, who are involved in the investigation and examination - explosive-technical and video.

As reported earlier by, Media publishes video of someone putting TNT explosive under Sheremet's car from security camera. 

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