Friday, July 22 2016 21:15 EEST
Media publishes video of someone putting TNT explosive under Sheremet's car from security camera
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Obozrevatel agency disclosed the video from the security camera that shows someone putting TNT explosive under the car of deceased journalist Pavlo Sheremet. People gathered to say goodbye to Ukrainian journalist today, on July 22.

CCTV footage shows female suspect planting explosives under Sheremet’s car.

The agency also included the comments in the video. They note that the suspects started preparing for the operation at 0:22 a.m. One can see the movement, but it is hard to define who is there, reports.

Then the record shows a man and a woman moving towards Olena Prytula's car at 2:33 a.m. The woman has some package in her hand and a man follows her on a short distance. The agency supposes that the explosive was in that package.

'The man and the woman move towards the Sheremet's house at 2:33 a.m. at a distance from each other', reads the comment.

Then the man goes down the street, and the woman comes to the Subaru, apparently takes the explosive from the package and puts in under the car. This process took no longer than a couple of minutes. The agency assumes that the man backed the woman-killer.

As reported earlier by, SBU: Murder of a prominent journalist Pavlo Sheremet could be an attempt to discredit the Ukrainian security official. 

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