Friday, July 22 2016 20:00 EEST
Battle for Eurovision: The song contest is set to take place in one of the Ukraine's cities
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Candidate cities unveil their promotional videos

The list of the potential hosts includes Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Lviv, Dnipro and Kherson.

Before the official announcement of the next year's host city, a number of the candidates presented their promotional videos that comprise general information about city's territory, population and infrastructure, Ukraine today reports.

The candidates offered different variants of the arenas for Eurovision and made their best to demonstrate advantages of their cities.

In its promotional video, Kharkiv is represented as a city-winner of the European Council Award, and also mentions its transport links with 10 world cities.

The city of Odesa is mostly focused on its experience related to the international film and music festivals.

The recently renamed Dnipro positions itself as the capital of Ukraine's business and space industry. The organizers claim they are ready to invest nearly UAH 500 million in the contest.

Kherson presents its most recognisable tourist attractions.

Kyiv is represented as a European city, and demonstrates the security concept, developed infrastructure and the recreational amenities.

The promotional video of Lviv unites both classical style and modern culture.

As reported earlier by, Six Ukrainian cities apply for Eurovision-2017.

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