Friday, July 22 2016 15:55 EEST
Ukrainian government held moment of silence to honor the Pavlo Sheremet's memory
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Groysman: Sheremet’s murder is crime against state

Prior to the Friday Cabinet session, the Prime Minister of Ukraine asked the ministers to hold the moment of silence and honor the memory of the perished journalist Pavlo Sheremet, according to

‘I think it is not only a murder of a great man, but also an attempt to commit a hideous crime against our state’, Volodymyr Groysman said.

According to the Head of the government, the law enforcers are well aware of their extreme responsibility. ‘They do realize it’s a very complicated case. An investigation group was shaped, and foreign law enforcers are involved, too. I am absolutely sure that the law enforcers do their best to solve this horrible murder and they feel a lot of responsibility on the matter. The investigation and its results should be made public. It’s a challenge for all Ukrainians, the entire Ukrainian state and the law enforcement system. The authorities will put in all efforts to solve the case’, Groysman concluded.  

As reported earlier by, Farewell ceremony with the deceased journalist Pavlo Sheremet will be held in Kyiv on July, 22

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