Friday, July 22 2016 10:40 EEST
Ukraine troops: The real war is returning to Donbas – with full-scale fighting
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According to Ukraine's military intelligence, the leaders of the so-called 'DPR-LPR' terrorist organizations urgently recalled all militants from holidays and vacations and banned them from leaving their bases, TSN news service reported.

Ukraine troops warn of threat of full-scale war.

In the last two days, the enemy has been much more active, said the Ukrainian soldiers defending their positions near Krasnohorivka as the enemy is just 700 meters away, Unian reports.

The roar of armored vehicles is heard from the other side more often. 'The smoke and dust are all over the place. 'Maybe they've brought some new equipment… They will regroup now preparing for the night,' say the soldiers.

'Most likely, a rotation took place and some fresh forces came in. They have been checking our defenses with active fire. There was not just one attack as usual, but three of them. They were firing 12 caliber explosive bullets – that hasn’t happened for a long time,' the troops said.

The enemy also used self-propelled artillery in four cases.

After this night’s shelling, the Ukrainian soldiers suspected that militants have completely forgotten about any commitments under the Minsk agreements.

As reported earlier by, Situation in Donbass is critical, distance between positions of parties reached dangerous point - UN.

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