Thursday, July 21 2016 14:50 EEST
The number of detained during clashes near the seized police station in Yerevan reached 136 people
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Armenian opposition party members are among the detainees

The number of detainees during the clashes in Yerevan exceeded 136 people, reports.

This is with reference to the press service of the police informs portal 'News Armenia'.

Members of the oppositional Civil Contract Party are among them, reported by Armenian

According to the Ombudsman of Armenia, journalists were hurt during clearing of the protest in Yerevan. Armenian Human Rights Defender's Office reported that all available materials on the matter will be forwarded to the investigative authorities for investigation.

Recall that armed men grasped building of police and took hostages in Armenia on July 17. The hijackers demanded releasing of opposition leader Zhirayr Sefilian and to dissolve the government. Initially, there were 8 captured hostages in the building of the police station, but some of them were freed. Police used tear gas against the demonstrators and stun grenades in the evening of 20 July, near the captured police station in Yerevan. The demonstrators were throwing stones, bottles and firecrackers, barricades were built from garbage cans.

Among the hostages still kept are Armenian police deputy chief Major General Vardan Yeghiazaryan, Deputy Chief of Yerevan Police Colonel Valery Osipyan.

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