Thursday, July 21 2016 13:40 EEST
51 victims of clashes in Yerevan, 28 police officers got wounded
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All injured receive the medical treatment.

‘People tried to break into a guarded area, which provoked the clash. The wounded policemen were hospitalized. These are not gunshot wounds; people threw stones on the law enforcers’, MP from Armenian National Congress Pashynian said, reports.

News Armenia report that the protesters are now trying to break through the police cordon on the territory adjacent to the captured police post in the Armenian capital. The protesters are building barricades.

The clashes started as the activists heard the gunfire. They decided that the police tried to retake the police post’s building. Later, it turned out that the protesters were the ones who shot in the air.

On July 17 in Yerevan, a group of unidentified gunmen captured the police post. The activists demanded to release the captured opposition MP, who had been arrested by the police earlier, and to disband the government. A policeman deceased during the shooting, two more were wounded.

Several dozens of activists held a demonstration to support the rebels, but they were dispersed.    

As reported earlier by, There are about 25 Armenian rebels and 8 police officers as hostages at police station. 

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