Thursday, July 21 2016 11:10 EEST
SBU: Murder of a prominent journalist Pavlo Sheremet could be an attempt to discredit the Ukrainian security official
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The murder of journalist aimed to discredit security services within the state, adviser to the head of the SBU security service Yuriy Tandit has told TV Channel 5.

'There is an ongoing war in the east of Ukraine, and all means are being used to discredit security forces within the state. They can’t tackle us in the open as we do our best to preserve Ukraine’s integrity, so they even resort to such despicable methods, cynically killing a journalist. And we must do everything possible to find not only the killers, but also those who organized this murder,' he said, Unian reports. 

Journalist from Ukrainska Pravda online newspaper Pavlo Sheremet was killed in a car blast on the early morning of July 20 in Kyiv center. The vehicle belongs to the owner of the publication Olena prytula, the journalist’s significant other. Ms Prytula was not in the car at the moment of the explosion.

The death of the journalist, who worked for Ukrainska Pravda, was ruled a premeditated murder, committed in a manner that could have threatened the lives of several people.

The investigation considers six versions of the murder, but the officials have only announced four of them: professional activity; hostile private relations or personal motives; a Russian trace (destabilization in Ukraine); a murder attempt against Olena Prytula.

As reported earlier by, Petro Poroshenko instructed to involve FBI and EU experts in investigation into murder of Pavlo Sheremet. 

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