Wednesday, July 20 2016 11:40 EEST
The White House currently sees no grounds for Gülen’s extradition
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Turkish side provided relevant documents and materials, which are now being considered, Department of State says

Washington received the materials regarding Fethullah Gülen, the Turkish preacher suspected of organizing the attempt of military coup in Turkey, reports.

According to Mark Toner, U.S. Department of State spokesman, U.S. sees no reasons for his extradition, which Turkish government has been requesting. Toner added it currently remains undefined whether the documents pose as full and official request for Gülen’s extradition. ‘In case all charges are confirmed, the U.S. side will fully abide by the U.S.-Turkey agreement on extradition’, he said adding that Gülen reportedly committed no unlawful actions on the U.S. soil so far.

As reported earlier by, Turkey officially appealed to US request for extradition of Gülen. 

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