Tuesday, July 19 2016 19:35 EEST
Russia and Turkey will not renew the charter air travel this year - ATOR
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Russia and Turkey will not renew charter service till end of 2016. Nor it will happen in 2017

According to 112.international, Russia and Turkey will not renew the charter air travel this year. The Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR) Executive Director Maiya Lomidze reports. 

It is noted that a delegation from Turkey arrived in Moscow on 14 July. It included the representatives of the ministries of culture and tourism, transport and internal affairs of the country. They discussed the resumption of charter flights between Turkey and Russia.

The meeting lasted for about six hours. The sides decided to establish a work group which will deal with the monitoring of safety issues at Turkish resorts.

'The Russian side expressed a whole set of questions - airport security, resort security, the safety during transporting the tourists from the airport to the hotel, the security during excursions', Lomidze said.

According to her, they decided that the Turkish side will provide a list of dangerous tourist destinations, including the south-east and east of the country.

'Turkey working group will create a single document of the Russian requirements, discuss it and implement', she added.

She also noted that the resumption of charter flights might not take place even in 2017. 

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