Tuesday, July 19 2016 17:00 EEST
Shyrokyi Lan training field hosted a flag-raising ceremony of the US-Ukrainian Sea Breeze 2016 exercise
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The ceremony was held at the field camp where the exercise participants would live during the exercise.

Rear Admiral Andriy Tarasov, First Deputy Ukraine’s Navy Commander, Capt. 1st Rank Oleksiy Doskato, Ukrainian exercise co-director, and Capt. 2nd Rank Kenneth Engle, Deputy U.S. exercise co-director, attended the event.

In his opening remarks Rear Admiral Tarasov wished successes in joint evolutions. Capt. 2nd Rank Kenneth Engle stressed the exercise had been conducting since 1997; hence, it had been positively influencing the military of participating nations.

As reported earlier by 1492news.com, Sea Breeze 2016: Odesa Officers’ House hosted an official opening ceremony of the US-Ukrainian exercise. 

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