Monday, July 18 2016 21:30 EEST
SBU Security Service of Ukraine: Attempted coup in Turkey affects the operational landscape in Ukraine
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Head of the SBU Security Service of Ukraine Vasyl Hrytsak says the attempted coup in Turkey affects situation in Ukraine

'Such a high-profile event as a coup in a serious powerful country – Turkey – also impacts the operational landscape in Ukraine,' Hrytsak said at a joint briefing with the National Police chiefs in Kyiv today, July 16, UNIAN reports. 

'To say that the Security Service officers are in high alert means to say nothing, because they've already been on a heightened alert due to hostilities in the east, due to the activity of sabotage-reconnaissance groups throughout the country and due to the 'lawlessness' of gangs,' Hrytsak said.

'We have focused our capabilities on preventing the deterioration of the operational environment in Ukraine due to the events in Turkey, and together with the police, prosecutors, military law enforcement service we will do our utmost to achieve this goal,' the SBU head noted.

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