Monday, July 18 2016 20:15 EEST
Turkish PM vows retribution against the over 6,000 plotters detained following failed coup
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Amnesty International calls for restraint as Erdogan leaves death penalty option on table

According to, as many as 27 men accused of masterminding the failed coup attempt against the Turkish government arrived in court in the capital Ankara Monday, as President Recep Tayyip Erdogan refused to rule out bringing back the death sentence for those involved in the ill-fated takeover attempt.

Earlier images show Akin Ozturk, a four star general and former commander of the Turkish air force alongside others accused by Erdogan of leading the failed coup attempt in police custody in Ankara. One image shows Ozturk wearing a bandage over one ear; another reveals bruising on his neck.

Akin Ozturk (center, first row) appears in a picture, which has been verified by CNN, which shows some of the 27 men accused by the Erdogan government of having led Friday's failed coup in Turkey.

He is shown alongside the other accused are also shown being roughly led away, their hands bound with plastic ties, paraded in front of cameras as they were bustled into a waiting van.

Over the weekend, photographs surfaced on social media of apparent mass detentions, including one showing dozens of people kneeling down in a large stable in Ankara, apparently stripped to the waist.

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