Monday, July 18 2016 19:30 EEST
Parubiy: 'Russian leadership prepares provocations during the event that will take place in Kyiv on July 27'
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Law enforcers will not allow provocations during religious procession in Kyiv

According to, Andriy Parubiy said: 

'I think it’s extremely dangerous when some individuals and whole entities try exasperating enmity inside the Ukrainian society. And, sadly, I have to admit that some priests of particular churches that are ruled from beyond Ukraine act as soldiers or saboteurs, not as churchmen. I got a word from well-informed sources that certain extremist groups might use this religious procession in Kyiv. I turned to the Interior Ministry and the Security Service, asking them to hold this action under special control, as the religious event might turn into a political one and become the mechanism of de-stabilization. I’ m sure and I do believe our law enforcement agencies are in much better shape than they were back in spring 2014 ’, Andriy Parubiy said.

On July 3, the religious procession left Svyatohirska Lavra monastery in Donetsk. The people headed to Kyiv, to unite with the local religious pilgrims and mark the anniversary of Christianization of Kyiv Rus’. The columns are to meet in the Ukrainian capital on July 27, the day before the solemn event is traditionally observed.

According to Ukraine’s Parliamentary Speaker, there are not only peaceful pilgrims who make their way to Kyiv now, but also provocateurs carrying banned insignia and that of the aggressor country. ‘There are also followers of pro-Russian extremist organizations – young men with histories of raider attacks and provocations’, Parubiy said.

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