Sunday, July 17 2016 15:13 EEST
There are about 25 Armenian rebels and 8 police officers as hostages at police station
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Special forces with armored vehicles and special equipment are near building, conducting negotiations

Armenian National Assembly MP Nikola Pashinyan visited the grasped police station in Yerevan. According to him, about 25 Armenian rebels at police station, they hold 8 hostages. This was stated by the editor of the first Armenian news portal Ruben Mehrabyan, reports.

According to his words, the health status of one of the police worsened, and he was released.

The area near the captured area on a wide perimeter is cordoned off by the police force, here came special forces with armored vehicles and special equipment. The media are not allowed to get to the perimeter.

Police evacuated residents of nearby buildings.

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