Saturday, July 16 2016 20:30 EEST
Erdogan assured that rebels will pay high price for their deeds
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Erdogan's press conference: he described how the coup began

Turkish President Recep Tayip Erdogan in the first press conference after returning to the capital told about how military coup started. According to him, the hotel in which he has been in the resort town of Marmaris was bombarded by the rebels. This happened after Erdogan left the hotel. Also, the president's secretary was arrested, reports Daily Sabah. According to him, the rebels arrested many officers, reports.

Erdogan pledged that the perpetrators of the coup attempt will pay a high price, and refinement will be conducted in the army. Actions of rebels he described as a betrayal of the motherland.He also assured that he intends to stay with his people, and has no plans to go anywhere out of the country.

Earlier there were reports that being on the the plane, he asked for asylum in Germany. However, later the presidential plane landed in Turkish airport.

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