Saturday, July 16 2016 18:30 EEST
Terrorist group 'Islamic State' (ISIS) has claimed responsibility for the attack in Nice
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Islamic terrorist of Tunisian origin killed 84 people

ISIS claimed responsibility for attack in Nice. It is reported by Reuters with reference to the closest to terrorists Amaq agency, reports.

'The man who conducted an operation in Nice, was a soldier of the 'Islamic State.' He implemented this in response to calls (of his guidance -. Ed.) to attack the citizens of the countries that are part of the coalition that is fighting with ISIS,' - said in a statement.

Recall, during the celebration of Bastille Day, July 14 in Nice, a truck crashed into a crowd of people, and then his driver, Tunisian origin, opened fire.

As reported earlier by, Nightmare in Nice: All beaches are closed, people are recommended to stay at homes. 

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