Friday, July 15 2016 19:30 EEST
Watch: Lion takes revenge on hunter who gunned down mate
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A video appearing to show a couple of big-game hunters being attacked by the partner of a lion they have just shot dead in South Africa.

While some viewers are sceptical that the footage is genuine.

The video was uploaded by Jayden Taner, he claimed:

'I managed to get my hands on this video when I was in South Africa a couple of months ago, a hunter showed me and thought it was hilarious. For me this video highlights a distressing situation that the world needs to see.

Every year trophy hunters kill thousands of exotic wild animals in Africa, this combined with poaching poses a serious threat to the survival of our most loved and endangered species. We have to stop this now. Animals are also bred in captivity for the sole purpose of being hunted by tourists who are willing to pay the high price tag, a lion hunt can cost a trophy hunter up to $35'000.' 

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