Friday, July 15 2016 18:50 EEST
Kerry summarize meaning of meeting with Putin for Ukraine
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The meeting was productive, and now they have all the possibilities to resolve the situation in Ukraine.

The US Secretary of State John Kerry has summarized his meeting with the Russian President Vladimir Putin and said that there are all the chances to resolve the situation in Ukraine.

'We have had productive discussion with the President Putin, I am grateful to him for that, but we have to do a lot of homework, and I think that there are opportunities to provide real settlement (of the situation in Ukraine - Ed.)' - Kerry said during his talks with the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

The US Secretary of State also mentioned that his yesterday's conversation with Putin had been very direct and frank.

However, according to Kerry, there still are some unresolved issues between Moscow and Washington, but that they will be eliminated in the course of today's talks, he hopes.

As reported earlier by, Minsk-2, Syrian war and terrorism: topics of Kerry and Putin’s discussion become known. 

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