Friday, July 15 2016 17:15 EEST
Parubiy explains main achievement of Ukrainian parliament
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Its judicial reform has become the main victory in this political season.

The main achievement of Ukraine’s parliament in this season was a judicial reform that will change the judicial system of Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada’s head Andriy Parubiy says.

According to him, the judicial reform will bring independence into the courts of Ukraine.

'I think that the main victory of the season in the Verkhovna Rada was the judicial reform,' the speaker said, adding that in particular, it lets the courts be independent of the president and the Verkhovna Rada, removes the immunity of judges and take them out of political sphere.

At the same time, he described destabilization of Ukraine as the main betrayal.

'It’s when they try to stub in the back during the war, when our guys are dying in the East,' the speaker said.

Earlier, Parubiy said that there are no pre-term parliamentary elections in Ukraine, because they are pure advantage for Russia as the country-aggressor.

As reported earlier by, Enemy can provide outbreak in two directions soon - Parubiy. 

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