Friday, July 15 2016 14:15 EEST
Nightmare in Nice: All beaches are closed, people are recommended to stay at homes
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Promenade des Anglais in Nice became a place for a nightmarish tragedy that killed 84 people. Now it’s closed for an indefinite period of time.

Local authorities have imposed a ban on bathing, canceled public events until the following orders. Earlier, the police recommended abstaining from walking along the streets.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of France, the bloody terrorist attack on the French coast killed 84 people, including more than 11 kids. 18 people still are in critical condition in hospitals. More than 100 people were injured.

The executor of the monstrous terrorist attack is a local 31-year-old man from Tunisia. Earlier, he used to get into view of the police, but he still had no deals with special services. The police killed the criminal at the place of the incident.

As reported earlier by, Terrorist attack in Nice: unidentified truck kills 60 civilians. 

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