Friday, July 15 2016 13:00 EEST
Happy rescue: baby lost in terrorist attack in Nice, found via Facebook
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A French couple lost its 8-month-old baby in frightened crowd on the French Riviera after a white truck drove there. The child was found due to the ad in Facebook.

'Found!!!!! Many thanks!!!!!!!! Facebook, thanks to everyone who helped and sent messages of support (I cannot answer all of them, sorry)!!!!!!!' 8-month-old baby’s mum Tiva Banner writes.

According to French media reports, thousands of people quickly responded to the couple’s ad in the social network by spreading their contacts.

'We’ve lost our 8-month-old baby in a blue stroller, if someone saw her or picked her up, call 06...' the post said.

Following a few tense hours of waiting and searching the couple finally got a pleasant message. The baby was found alive and unharmed.

As reported earlier by, Terrorist attack in Nice: unidentified truck kills 60 civilians. 

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