Thursday, July 14 2016 18:40 EEST
Watch: Dyke Blown up in Central China to Disperse Floodwater
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Armed police blew up a dyke between two lakes in central China's Hubei Province Thursday morning to disperse surging floodwater.

The armed police said the explosion was very successful and the Niushan Lake is now part of the Liangzi Lake, which makes area of the latter increase by one third. the blast can disperse 5,000-cubic-meter floodwater of the Liangzi Lake and bring down the water level below the safety level, which prepares the lake for the future rains.

Liangzi is the second largest lake in Hubei, which has been among the region's worst hit by the recent deadly downpours. Due to persistent rain since mid-June, water level of the lake hit record high - 0.12 meters above the safety level.

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