Thursday, July 14 2016 11:43 EEST
Russian air forces defeat Daesh positions: no revenge, just banal continuation of anti-terrorist operation - Peskov
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The spokesman of the Russian president Dmitry Peskov commented on air strikes against targets of Daesh terrorist organization. The official rejected the version of revenge for the helicopter that had been shot down earlier.

There was no revenge but continuation of the planned military operations of the Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS), the presidential spokesman said, answering journalists’ question about Russian military actions. The media representatives suggested that the bombing of the Daesh position in Syria could be revenge for the downed Russian Mi-25 helicopter with two pilots on board, 1492news Russian service reports. 

The pilots of the helicopter disrupted an attack of the Islamists by supporting the Syrian forces from air. Both pilots - Rafagat Khabibulin and Evgeny Dolgin - heroically died performing their combat duty.

Earlier, Russia’s government stated that it never leaves the helicopter’s attack unanswered. So it became known about the attack against the ammunition depots and camp’s equipment of Daesh.

However, Dmitry Peskov insists that all the actions are carried out exclusively within the Russian Aerospace Forces.

As reported earlier by, Putin described annexation of Crimea as legal integration and point of pride for State Duma. 

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