Wednesday, July 13 2016 18:45 EEST
President signs law on judicial system and status of judges
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The law will let change the Constitution in terms of judicial system.

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has signed a new edition of the law 'On judicial system and status of judges.' Its main task are as follows: implementation of the updated constitutional principles of justice to ensure the independence and depolitisation of the judiciary, strengthening of its responsibility towards society, introduction of new principles of formation of the judiciary, strengthening of the public role in the control of virtue and ethics of the judiciary and optimization of the judicial system, the presidential press service reports.

The law 'On judicial system and status of judges' establishes the procedure of selection and appointment of judges. According to the law, an individual can become a judge of the appeal court if he/she has confirmed the professional qualification during an examination. Moreover, the person should have been working as a judge for at least 5 years.

The transfer of the judges from one court to another will now be done not by the president, but the Supreme Council of Justice.

The system of judicial organization includes local and appeal courts and the Supreme Court, which is the highest court in the judiciary system. There are some higher courts to consider individual categories of cases. The Supreme specialized court on issues of intellectual property and the Supreme specialized anti-corruption court will appear in Ukraine too.

The court is created and liquidated by law. In addition, it defines the types and compositions of the local courts and their powers. 

As reported earlier by, President Petro Poroshenko informed that the issue of visa liberalization for Ukrainians had been discussed during today's Ukraine-Canada negotiations. 

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