Wednesday, July 13 2016 18:10 EEST
Ukrainian hryvnia can fall - US experts
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Ukraine is expected to face strengthening of the US currency and some decline of GDP.

One of the world's largest investment bank GoldmanSachs from New-York has revealed its forecast about Ukrainian economy. According to their experts, Ukraine can expect strengthening of the US dollar. They analyzed exchange rates in July. According to their reports, the value of the dollar will rise to 27 hryvnias this year. And it’ll reach 32 hryvnias by the end of next year, 1492 Russian service reports. 

Experts also gave the forecast on GDP growth and it is quite disappointing. Theyy are sure that this year GDP will grow up to 2%. However, it’ll be reduced to minus 1.5% in 2017. Regarding the current accounts of balance of payments, the deficit will be 0.5% this year, but it’s to increase to 1.1% by the next year.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has approved a law of budget resolution, according to which the inflation will reach 8%, and the dollar will cost 27 hryvnias. Furthermore, the resolution states that maximum volume of the debt shouldn’t be more than 66%, and the deficit in the state budget shouldn’t exceed 3% of GDP.

As reported earlier by, Analysts predict a drop of Russian assets. 

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