Wednesday, July 13 2016 12:30 EEST
Trudeau is impressed by Ukraine, Canada says
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The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau is greatly impressed by his official visit to Ukraine, Canadian Minister of International Trade Christina Freeland says.

'You know that the Prime Minister has been supporting Ukraine for a long time. Ukraine greatly impressed him during the last two days the PM spent there. He was excited about the conflict, which Ukraine is facing now, its democratic values, human rights, multiculturalism. He really realized this and saw this with his own eyes,' Freeland said.

According to the minister, Trudeau also understands the severe conditions Ukraine is living in now.

At the same time, when answering the question about Ukrainians’ fears due to the fact that after the Liberals came to power in Canada, the new government is to cooperate with Russia, Freeland said: 'Our prime minister clearly confirmed that we support Ukraine. And our position is absolutely clear. There is the only one change: we believe that it’s important to have some contacts between Canada and Russia at the governmental level. But one shouldn’t understand this as some softening of our position,' she stated.

Ukraine and Canada have signed an agreement on a free trade area. The negotiations on this matter lasted for six years.

As reported earlier by, Poroshenko: 'FTA Agreement will become an instrument to simplify and enhance economic interaction between Canada and Ukraine'. 

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