Wednesday, July 13 2016 11:05 EEST
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Ukrainian man gets mechanical heart for 120,000 euros
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Ukrainian doctors have performed a unique heart surgery. They sewed an artificial heart into the body of a 41-year-old resident of Kharkiv.

This was reported by a famous Ukrainian heart surgeon, director of the Heart Institute Boris Todurov in Facebook.

'We have done this! The first mechanical heart in Ukraine was implanted in the Heart Institute. The patient has just left for an intensive care unit,' Todurov writes.

The mechanical heart was implanted to the 41-year-old resident of Kharkiv Pavel Doroshko, who had been suffering from severe heart failure.

The heart surgeon posted a video of the unique operation to prove his words.

According to the heart surgeon, the use of such an artificial mechanical heart for patients with severe cardiac disease increases their chances to survive and to get an organ required for transplantation from a donor. The mechanical heart costs 120,000 euros.

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