Tuesday, July 12 2016 21:25 EEST
Shevchenko becomes head of Ukrainian national team this week
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The legend of European football Andriy Shevchenko will become a new head coach of Ukrainian national team.

The House of Football will host a meeting of an executive committee on Friday. The name of a new head coach will be voiced there.

According to information from some sources, it surely will be Andriy Shevchenko. If one transforms everything into numbers, Andriy’s chance to lead the team is 99%. His candidacy won’t be approved only in case of some critical situation.

Despite the alleged 'competition' between Shevchenko and Markevich for the post, the choice in favor of the young professional who had worked as an assistant of Mikhail Fomenko in the national team, was made long ago. In addition, Miron Bogdanovich has repeatedly talked about the need to give Shevchenko a chance.

Andriy’s contract will be signed for two years. The specialist’s future salary still is unknown. The contract will be possible to prolong for another two years in case of Shevchenko’s success and good results of the national team.

Earlier, Ukrainian media spread information that the team is to be headed by one of the foreign specialists - Lars Lagerbäck or Gianni De Biasi. However, this is not going to happen.

As reported earlier by 1492news.com, Italian coach De Biasi wants to receive 1 million euros salary in Ukraine. 

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