Tuesday, July 12 2016 20:45 EEST
Analysts predict a drop of Russian assets
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According to the forecasts of Russian analysts, most Russian assets will continue to decline in price. Black gold will be cheaper too and this in its turn will impact the rate of national currency.

Analytical experts of Gazprombank have made forecasts, according to which all the Russian assets will fall in their price. In their opinion, the oil prices will reach a technical level of $ 45 per barrel and will continue to become cheaper.

Due to these forecasts, Gazprombank recommends to buy foreign currency. In its opinion, there is no need to keep bonds of federal loan’s series No. 26207, because their price will fall to 95% of the nominal value.

Russian Eurobonds can fall in price too and their profitability will increase to 5%. According to Gazprombank’s trading strategy, it’s worth selling sell assets which are associated with Russia this week. It recommends to get the securities that can provide insurance against the default in Russia. According to them, this can be a five-year credit-default swap. Their value may rise to 257 points. Thus, the insurance against the default in Russia of $ 1 mln costs $ 25,700. It was $ 23,200 in early July.

As reported earlier by 1492news.com, Russia will exhaust one of its sovereign funds next year to cover the budget deficit. 

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