Tuesday, July 12 2016 19:00 EEST
Savchenko predicts end of military conflict in Donbass
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Ukrainian people's deputy, ex-pilot Nadiya Savchenko took part in the activities of the Ukraine-NATO Commission. According to the results of the meeting, Savchenko made optimistic predictions about the end of hostilities on the territory of Ukraine in the nearest future.

Ukrainian people's deputy from Batkivschina Nadiya Savchenko accompanied Petro Poroshenko. She visited Poland and attended the Commission’s meeting in the format of the NATO summit, 1492 Russian service reports.

Savchenko shared her impressions about the meeting in Warsaw on her page in Facebook. In particular, the people's deputy got an idea that the war between Ukraine and Russia is to finish soon. To be more precise, this year. These conclusions were made by her due to the statements of the world's politicians who took part in the meeting. Nadiya Savchenko confirmed her comments with a pic, where the head of Poland kissed her hand as a mark of respect to the pilot.

Earlier, 1492news.com reported Nadiya Savchenko had held talks with the LDPR’s leaders completely ignoring the instructions of the Ukrainian government.

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