Tuesday, July 12 2016 16:40 EEST
Lyashko and Tymoshenko take rostrum in parliament
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On July 12, Batkivschina and the Radical Party’s members have surrounded the Verkhovna Rada’s rostrum. The deputies expressed their demands and continued the "sitting" protest. All the speakers are free to speak from the rostrum.

'The coalition of Panamanian patriots have blocked the rostrum and presidium because in that way they allegedly don’t let our colleagues from Batkivschina and the Radical Party and other democratic colleagues from the opposition block the rostrum,' Lyashko said.

After that, the deputies of the Radical Party and Batkivschina remained at the rostrum. Some of them took some seats while others continued to stand.

At the same time there are several deputies who used to be the members of ATO at the parliamentary rostrum.

Lyashko announced the requirement of the deputies in a social network. They are eager to create a commission to verify the fair tariffs for housing and communal services, to reduce the gas prices, to return the preferential rate of its consumption and to increase it, to establish a commission to investigate the offshore crimes of the President and his partners.

Lyashko and Tymoshenko’s opponents offer to stop this political farce and go in for consideration of important bills.

As reported earlier by 1492news.com, Parubiy cancels parliamentary session again. 

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