Tuesday, July 12 2016 13:30 EEST
Cameron reveals name of new British prime minister
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According to the Prime Minister of Great Britain David Cameron, he will be replaced by the Interior Minister Theresa May.

He said that he is to resign on July 13.

According to Cameron, on Wednesday he will hold a traditional series of questions and answers in the parliament, and then will offer his resignation to the Queen, 'so that we could have a new Prime Minister... by Wednesday evening.'

The Prime Minister said that May 'is strong, competent.' 'She will receive my full support,' he noted.

'We don’t need any long transition period,' Cameron mentioned, saying that he is to hold the last meeting of the government tomorrow.

The British Prime Minister said that he would resign after the majority of the Brits voted for withdrawal from the EU during the referendum that was held on June 23.

The Conservative Party has already approved May as its leader. The Interior Minister initially was the main contender and remained the only candidate after her rival Andrea Leadsom had withdrawn from the election in her favor.

May will become the thirteenth Prime Minister of Queen Elizabeth II and the second woman to hold this post. There has been only one female prime minister so far. It was the famous 'Iron Lady' Margaret Thatcher.

As reported earlier by 1492news.com, Supporters of Brexit gained their end, Britain's withdrawal from EU is inevitable - Merkel. 

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