Tuesday, July 12 2016 12:17 EEST
Russia to install two powerful radar stations in Black Sea and Baltic Sea in response to deployment of NATO’s battalion in Baltic States
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Trying to make up for the increase in NATO's military activities, Russia can deploy two advanced radar stations (RLS) in the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea, which are able to control a 200-mile coastal zone.

'The Podsolnukh over-the-horizon modified radar is expected to take over its combat duty in the Baltic Sea in 2017,' a source said. According to him, similar radar can be deployed in Crimea in 2017. 'It will be able to see any warship that goes through the Bosphorus,' the source noted, 1492news russian service reports. 

The Podsolnukh radar (Sunflower) passed state tests in 2006. There are three stations on duty now. One of them is located in the Sea of Okhotsk, the second one was deployed in the Sea of Japan, while the third station is placed in the Caspian Sea.

The Podsolnukh lets automatically detect, track and classify up to 300 offshore and 100 air objects beyond the radio horizon simultaneously, find out their coordinates and provide target indications for complexes and systems of armament of ships and air defense systems.

In June, RTI company that is developing the Podsolnukh, reported that it is to deliver several radar stations to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation next year.

'In 2017, the Russian Defense Ministry plans to purchase several stations for the Navy. They are to be deployed in the Arctic, on the southern and western borders of Russia,' the RTI’s director general Sergey Boyev said.

In March, the Podsolnukh took part in the exercises of the Caspian flotilla’s ships, which were equipped with the Caliber-NK missile complex. Tasks on the detection of surface and air targets with the subsequent providing of target indications were performed during the maneuvers.

As reported earlier by 1492news.com, Ukrinian State Concern 'Ukroboronprom' is ready to begin construction of a ammunition manufacturing plant. 

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