Monday, July 11 2016 19:40 EEST
Ukraine’s deputy minister of trade and economic development shared some peculiarities on Ukraine-Canada free trade area agreement
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After 125 years of the unity of our people, of support of Ukrainian community and political support, we have finally made trade one of our priorities.

The Deputy Minister of economic development and trade of Ukraine Nataliya Mykolska shared on Facebook:
'Today is a special day!

I have barely slept tonight. For me, as for the main negotiator of Canada -Ukraine Free Trade Agreement, today is a very special and exciting day.

The work of our team for 6 rounds of negotiations, and the major stage of my everyday work since the day I was appointed comes to the end. Today we are signing the agreement.

I will not say why this agreement is important for Ukraine from an economic standpoint. We talk a lot about this today. I will talk about other important things.

After 125 years of the unity of our people, of support of Ukrainian community and political support, we have finally made trade one of our priorities.


And what is important to me is that Canada and Ukraine, despite all the changes, will always remain in priority for one another! It is important that the new governments have not only supported the initiative of their predecessors but have also made it their personal highest priority!

I cannot but mention personal engagment of Volodymyr Groysman and Stepan Kubyv and personal constant support of Petro poroshenko.

The personal leadership of Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland is very important!

Though this agreement would not be possible without Arseniy Yatsenyuk and Stephen Harper - that is why this almost a year old photo is so special!

And I will never forget about the role of UKRAINIAN COMMUNITY in Canada — you are incredible, wonderful and mega patriotic!

Friends, our negotiations team, great job! I cannot mention everyone personally, but I just want to THANK each and every one of you once again!

PS: 5 interesting facts on canuatrade:

1. The large capacity of Canadian market and the high level of consumption open opportunities for Ukraine to increase export volumes and to develop economic cooperation

Canada’s import in 2015 is 547,76 billion USD, the share of Ukrainian import is very insignificant. However, this means huge perspectives for growth!

2. Traditional export
In the structure of Ukrainian export to Canada, the traditional exports are metals -36%, particles for rolling stock - 12%, machinery, equipment - 9%, tanning extracts - 8%, toys - 6%, wood - 5%.

3. In 2016 (January - April) we observe the biggest growth in the export of particles for rolling stock - growth of $3,5 million (they were not exported last year), tanning extracts, fats and oils, clothing.

4. On a positive note, the share of added-value products in the structure of Ukrainian export to Canada is around 30%. And the exports of particles for rolling stock in 2015 (12% of all exports) has increased 3,9 times.

5. Global value chains
This agreement is a pioneer for our state in Northern America - the first agreement of such scale in the region for us.
Besides, in the context of an approaching free trade area between Canada and the EU, the agreement between Canada and Ukraine is another reason for including Ukraine into global value chains.

As reported earlier by, Ukraine and Canada have signed a free trade agreement. 

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