Monday, July 11 2016 15:50 EEST
Garry Kasparov: 'Putin signed a new set of totalitarian laws, formalizing another step toward the neo-Soviet Union he has always dreamed of'
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he law in Russia usually only follows an even more brutal reality in Putin's Russia, and discussing laws instead of reality is a useful distraction for the regime

Garry Kasparov shared on Facebook:

'Any form of political opposition results in harassment, arrest, or murder, and this has been true for years, regardless of what the law said about it. These new laws about punishing people for 'withholding information' and other totalitarian measures are only catching up to a reality that has existed unofficially for many years.

It is useful to Putin and his allies and appeasers in the free world to argue about laws instead of reality. The only thing that matters to Putin is to crush any and all potential threats to his power. Laws affecting individual privacy, internet freedom, etc., these things are important arguments in the free world, not in a dictatorship where they simply don't exist de facto. Arguing about laws instead of reality also gives Putin's regime a way to legitimize the Kremlin's useful puppets and pet critics inside and outside of Russia. They can shake their heads and say 'shame!', while ignoring the brutal reality that already exists.'

As reported earlier by, Putin signs Yarovaya’s package to tighten anti-terrorism legislation in Russia. 

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