Monday, July 11 2016 14:45 EEST
Supporters of Brexit gained their end, Britain's withdrawal from EU is inevitable - Merkel
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Britain's withdrawal from the EU will be inevitable after the election of a new prime minister, German Chancellor Angela Merkel says.

The German authorities are convinced of the irreversibility of the process of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

This was reported by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

'As for me, the decision has been made. The next step should be the fact that the United Kingdom will make the corresponding application. I think that this will happen. I’m sure that this application will be made as I’m dealing with reality,' she stressed.

According to her, London will provide all the necessary documents after the appointment of the new prime minister. There will be no negotiations about the withdrawal from the EU before.

The chancellor believes that a key role in the victory of eurosceptics was played by the Brits’ discontent with the freedom of movement for citizens and labor force within the European Union.

Britain’s withdrawal from the EU won’t impact the cancellation of the visa regime for Ukraine.

The head of the EU delegation Jan Tombinsky recalled that the United Kingdom had not signed the Schengen Agreement, and therefore cannot influence the course of events.

As reported earlier by, Tony Blair is ready to take responsibility for mistakes in Iraq. 

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