Monday, July 11 2016 14:10 EEST
Ukraine should join North-Atlantic Alliance - NATO
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As for joining NATO, Georgia takes the lead over Ukraine in many ways. The alliance recommends Ukraine to hurry up a bit.

According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland Witold Waszczykowski, NATO members strongly believe that Ukraine should join the North-Atlantic Alliance. This issue will be discussed at a summit in Poland.

Ukraine still is in a state of internal discussions on the need to join NATO and the alliance is bearing conviction of the need for accepting the country into its ranks Waszczykowski says. The same point of view was expressed by Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland.

The minister also notes that the EU and NATO are leading the open door policy toward the eastern and southern European countries. A lot of them are candidates as the alliance is considering their applications for joining. One of these countries is Georgia. It’s actively moving towards the goal.

The first day of the summit in Poland was devoted to establishment of international battalions and their deployment in the Baltic countries and in Poland. The second day of the summit will be devoted to discussion of the conflict in the Donbass.

Earlier, the 1492 Russian Service reported that Russia can install two powerful radar stations in the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea in response to the deployment of NATO’s battalion in the Baltic States.

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