Saturday, July 9 2016 20:00 EEST
The White House has warned that in case of continuation of aggressiveness on the part of Russia, NATO will retaliate
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USA warned of retaliatory measures if Russian Federation will continue to show aggression.

US will not allow Russia to undermine unity of NATO, - White House, 112.interantional reports.

'If Russia continues to exhibit aggressive and impudent behavior, then this will be the answer, and a greater presence (of NATO troops) We will do everything to protect our partners and members of our alliance in Eastern Europe.' - said on Friday, the US President Deputy Advisor for National Security Ben Rhodes at a briefing in Warsaw.

According to him, 'sanctions will be continued if Russia continues its course.' 'There is solidarity between the members of NATO, and we will not allow Russia to undermine the unity of the alliance,' - said Rhodes.

As reported earlier by, US imposes personal sanctions against DPRK’s leader and his people. 

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