Friday, July 8 2016 19:45 EEST
It is very disappointing to hear threats of Putin to Finland - NATO
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NATO has reacted to Putin's threats in relation to Finland's joining the North Atlantic Alliance.

Russia cannot decide for Sweden or Finland on the issue whether they should join NATO or not. This was stated by the Deputy Secretary General of NATO Alexander Vershbow during the forum Security beyond defense in Warsaw.

'With all due respect, Finland and Sweden are free to choose whether they should join NATO or not. If they decide to do so, Russia has no right to veto this decision. And it’s very disappointing to hear threats of Putin to the Finns,' the politician said.

Finland and Sweden’s joining NATO would help the defense of the Baltic region, Vershbow stressed.

'NATO cooperates with these countries, they take part in the drills, which are focused on the challenges in the Baltic region. They were invited to the summit not by chance. We can see new challenges in northern Europe,' the official explained.

Earlier, Vladimir Putin visited Helsinki and said that Russia is to respond to Finland’s joining NATO by deployment of its troops closer to the Finnish border.

As reported earlier by, It’s high time for Russia to leave Abkhazia and South Ossetia, US says.

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