Friday, July 8 2016 19:15 EEST
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Arlington police Department: 'We woke up this morning numb and appalled at the violence directed at police'
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'God bless the Dallas Police Department, the Dallas Area Rapid Transit Police Department, and all those who were affected by this incident.'

Arlington Police Department dhared on Facebook

'Many of our wives and husbands and children and parents and sisters and brothers and grandparents worry about us walking out the door today. This fear has always existed but is much more realized and manifested in the aftermath of this assault on law enforcement.

We know we signed up for this. Our families know it. We run towards harm every day and provide exemplary service to protect the weak and uphold order in our society.

We hug our families, calm our children, make a promise to try and return home, put our badge on, grab our gear and head to work. We know we must press on to protect our communities and confront evil, because this is our calling and what we have sworn an oath to do. We wear this uniform with pride knowing that we make a positive difference helping people in this noble profession.

We are at a loss of words that something so evil could happen to those who are sworn to protect the innocent. We don't understand the 'why.' We may never understand it. Our hearts are aching for our protectors, their families and their colleagues.

God bless the Dallas Police Department, the Dallas Area Rapid Transit Police Department, and all those who were affected by this incident.

Police Chief Will Johnson has pledged our full support and promised to lend a helping hand in anyway possible.

We reflect on our Oath of Honor during this difficult time:

On my honor, I will never betray my badge, my integrity, my character, or the public trust.

I will always have the courage to hold myself and others accountable for our actions.

I will always uphold the Constitution, my community and the agency I serve.

As you read the Law Enforcement Oath of Honor, it is important to understand what it means. An oath is a solemn pledge someone makes when they sincerely intend to do what they say.
Honor means that one's word is given as a guarantee.

Betray is defined as breaking faith with the public trust.

Badge is the symbol of your office.

Integrity is being the same person in both private and public life.

Character means the qualities that distinguish an individual.

Public trust is a charge of duty imposed in faith toward those you serve.

Courage is having the strength to withstand unethical pressure, fear or danger.

Accountability means that you are answerable and responsible to your oath of office.

Community is the jurisdiction and citizens served.

Thank you for supporting our men and women in blue. Continue to pray for our Police Officers, Dallas and DART Police Departments, and their families.'

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