Friday, July 8 2016 13:34 EEST
Angry Ronaldo becomes meme and beats goat kids and baby
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Users of the Net have made a joke of an emotional reaction of Cristiano Ronaldo for a goal of the Hungarian national team. It equalized the teams in the final match of the group stage of the Euro-2016. A funny video appeared on Dream Team channel in YouTube. It presents a mounted clip, where the angry footballer attacks Donald Trump, hits the former Mayor of London Boris Johnson’s face and mercilessly beats all the members of One Direction pop group.

In late June, users of the Net created another popular meme. They transformed a video, where the member of Argentina's football team Lionel Messi was crying after the defeat in the match against Chile’s team in the America's Cup final.

The Portugal national team played a draw with Hungary in a match of the third round of the Euro-2016’s group stage, which allowed the Hungarian national team to take the first place in Group F, and to play with the team in Slovakia in the 1/8 finals of the European Championship.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the Portuguese footballer who plays for the Spanish club of Real Madrid and the national team of Portugal.

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